Vignette Edition One: Wild Poppies

Poppies are known to bloom not with a fizzle but with a bang! Flourish in your own paraphernalia like WILD POPPIES with Attirail. Here’s a trip down memory lane with our first ever home decor pop-up!

In January of 2020 we collaborated with Art&Found to host ‘Wild Poppies’, Attirail vignettes’ first edition. It was an artisanal hub of space styling solutions at The Vintage Garden Bandra. A pop up for those who love to decorate their surroundings as an extension of themselves, enthusiasts of all things eclectic, a feast on space styling options.
From 24 - 26 January The Vintage Garden: a heritage haven nestled in a vintage corner of the city, housed our premier home and space decor pop-up called ‘Wild Poppies’. The location was an ode to the spirit of ‘Wild Poppies’ - vibrant yet seamlessly adaptable to any setting. We love how the occasion and the location celebrate one another.
Born out of love for all decor boho, vintage, classic, artistically cathartic and all of the above, the pop-up hosted a multitude of brands and labels that believe in the same cause - maintaining decadence across all your surroundings

Wild Poppies: Partner Brands

From deluxe boho home decor, to versatile furniture pieces that make a statement in any setting - we got it covered at Attirail Vignettes Edition one! This 3 day affair encompassed the finest solutions to all space styling needs. Here’s the line-up of all our brands and labels at the pop up:

1. Idam Store
2. Copper Fringe
3. Design by Metamorph
4. Colorscape
5. Loom to Room
6. Quilt Avenue
7. Tiipoi
8. Mould Studio
9. The Bloomerie
10. Acky 15
11. The Druids Garden
12. Opaque Studio
13. What Larks Studio
14. House of Objects
15. Skilled Samaritan
16. The Accent Company
17. Savana Living
18. Fleck India
19. The Nascent Decor
20. Art Avenue
21. N-Square Studio
22. Isaaka Brand
23. The White Teak Company
24. The Retyrement Plan
25. Thread 101

Workshops at the Popup

Bohemian Artists, homo decor brands, eclectic furnishing labels, hands-on creative workshops - there’s so much in store at our pop-ups!
Fringe benefits of attending our pop-up? Crafty workshops! Art&Found conducted a make your own fringe lamp workshop since these charming decor elements are boho, a la mode and versatile. Our attendees loved being a craftsmen and owner of these must-have frills.
Speaking of workshops, we could not resist the chance of getting crafty with evergreen DIY home décor. Our fern-filled terrarium making workshop was hosted by The Bloomerie. Haven’t you heard? Green is the new black!
We also held an exclusive talk on visual merchandising and home delivered by Sukrut B, a visual merchansider, interior stylist and consultant along with Attirail’s founder Purva Agarwal. The one hour talk covered all the essentials of the nuanced skill-sets with an interactive thought-provoking Q&A round after!

Unveiling Attirail shop at the pop-up!

Attirail Shop is the ultimate collection of boho home decor. Carefully curated, tastefully handpicked and seamlessly versatile, these statement decor pieces will blend into any space yet enliven its spirit with their unmatched pizzazz. The finest collection of boho chic home decor items.


Attirail is proud to have curated an elite selection of set-ups at our pop-up show, ‘Wild Poppies’. Aimed at rousing an artistic transformation in your surroundings, the exhibits were a compendium of boho chic inspirations. Come experience inspired living with this gallery of our mock set ups!

Boho Chic Lounge:

Make your space a tribal tribute. Let Attirail help you find out how you can have the safari-chic look in your surroundings!

The Quirk Factor:

If you are tired of saying you’re born in the wrong era, have your surroundings speak on your behalf instead. Check out this mid-century modern styled cabinet for inspiration.  All the eclectic elements in their retro glory will indubitably call to your décoratif side.

Eclectic Wine & Dine:

Sticking to your roots has never been more modish. If you are digging this earthy dining area aesthetic, find out how you can make your own Eden in your own home with our team!

Vintage Chiffonier:

Draw out your inner vintage geek with this ottoman and storage chest. At Attirail, we are seasoned vintag-ifiers (it’s a thing!) – you can trust us with antiques and old town charm, contact to know how we’ll be there.

One for the Hustler:

For those who put in the brain muscle, Here’s a desk for your daily tussle! You’re not another Alice looking for their wonderland - you’ve got us to make it a reality. Find out how your dream home/office can come to life and come alive with Attirail Vignettes.

Inner Flower Child:

Everyone needs a floral haven in their homes. This corner is a whole mood, much like every corner in your home should be! Experience different shades and grades of boho chic living in your space with Attirail at your service!

An Episode of Maximalism:

Drama mama and proud? Show your true colours bright and loud! Make every corner of your house, a walk to remember. At Attirail we love to mix prints and make a statement, lets get this print party started!

A Reader’s Affair:

With every passing novel, you live a new life. Attirail can help you cherish it more. When someone is immersed in a novel, they travel worlds as they flip through its pages. This set-up is a way of wishing them non voyage and a comfortable journey ahead

The Minimal Scandinavian:

Simplicity, the language of elegant, is something we are all too acquainted with. Symmetrically synergised and aesthetically aligned - this set-up is at the cross-section of balanced and audacious. Comprehend it’s many idiosyncrasies with our team at Attirail!


Vintage Floral Romance:

In the movie that is your life, we at Attirail aim to be the set designers. The whole sight looks like something out of an old romantic novel. Get your dose of nostalgia in your space, contact us now!


The Retiring Patio:

A sliver of paradise in your patio! Featured in our set-up are some quirky adornments that free the space from monotony and add character in an eclectic fashion. Would you like to adapt these little knick knacks in your surroundings? Call us now!

Glimpses of Vignette - Wild Poppies


Don’t just make your space a collection of things, define it with a statement - and Attirail can help you with the semantics! Stay tuned for updates on upcoming pop-ups to peruse a range of decor brands and experience live set-ups of space styling solutions.  All that’s left is for you to come experience this decor carnival for yourself, see you at edition two very soon!

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