Anjari Ganguly - IG @thatyellowtrunk

Styled for Gypsy Skies - The Lazy Afternoon

An architect by profession, I have always believed in Einstein’s saying Creativity is intelligence having fun, so 'Designing' for me is like a fun filled puzzle that I keep attempting until it is solved to my liking.

My decor style is contemporary with the extensive use of colours, patterns and indoor greens. I believe in reusing and repurposing in home decor. I like to use eco-friendly material like terracotta and bamboo in my decor. Also I believe small budgets and small efforts can create smart corners in your home.

I love to up-cycle a lot and constantly try to create decor pieces using old finds from flea markets.
My love for everything creative made me start my page “That Yellow Trunk by Anjari” on Instagram and create content around home decor. Today “That Yellow Trunk” is a community of 65k+ and has been featured in many leading publications.
Sumati Jumrani - IG @cozyyylilcorner
Styled for Gypsy Skies - Before Midnight
Lawyer turned Home Decor Blogger, Content Creator and Product Stylist.

I started my journey in this niche segment through my Instagram page @Cozyyylilcorner in 2019. I love creating vlogs and share tips and hacks on home decor, styling and DIYs through my page. Styling spaces is therapeutic for me. My personal style is mostly boho chic and I love creating cosy nooks and corners.'
Shivani Raina - IG @theshalomhome
Styled for Gypsy Skies - Flowers in the Attic
A passionate decor enthusiast and a plant mom. My home is my canvas and love styling with outdoor elements. A true forager, plants, flowers, stones and natural elements largely inspire my work.

I like to see the beauty in the ordinary and I am always on the hunt for daily musings from rustic colours of a leaf to fallen flowers on the streets, to the
texture of a distressed wall of a run down building.

After a successful career of 10 years in the corporate world I finally found my calling in helping people transforming spaces - I now freelance in Interior
Styling, Balcony Transformations and Product Styling.

Communicating through the language of colour, natural materials , textures and patterns - I like to create spaces that are inviting, soulful and reflective of the client's / brand's personality.

I document my journey on my Instagram handle @theshalomhome
Eram Khan - IG @girl_withbindiya
Styled for Gypsy Skies - Feel Good Friday
No limits.... No boundaries..... No particular style...

This is what @girl_withbindiya is ....A true Bohemian soul... Who can find art and creativity everywhere.....

My true inspiration for home decor comes from my maternal genes.... My granny was a true home decor enthusiast.....

Sharmila - IG @sincerestoryteller

Styled for Gypsy Skies - Clear Sky

Hey this is Sharmila from the @sincerestoryteller. I am an artist, a creator, a wife, a mother, not always in that order. A feeler who is completely driven by love and emotion. Someone who is forever in the search of light and all things nature made. What I do is personal, so photography and aesthetics is not just what I do, it is who I am.

Jasleen - IG @theketlihome

Styled for Gypsy Skies - Dandelion Dreams

Interior stylist and founder, The Ketli Home.
I'm not a trained interior designer. I've had a long career in writing and editing. However, I've always been interested in living spaces designed keeping aesthetics and function in mind. Recently I have started giving styling consults. My Instagram account, @theketlihome is a way to share my sense of style.
I love glazed pottery, block prints, textiles, natural textures and plants. These are what inspire me when doing up any space.