Bright Boho Chic Bedroom


Featured here is a bedroom we styled for a client. As a free-spirited bohemian herself, our client wanted a space that reflected her individualistic style and inspired her to reinvent herself everyday.We took her vision and made it come to life with the patent Attirail charm.



The tone of any room is set by its hues. We chose a mix of earthy warm tones with shades of mustard and rust for this space. Since the room was small and we had to incorporate a four poster bed, we chose white as the primary base colour for the furniture and wardrobes and subsequently layered the additional textures and colours over the whites.



This idyllic white four poster bed with a headboard made from a reused dhurrie, clearly defines the aesthetic of the room. In order to offset the monotony of white on the bed, we crafted two quirky and colourful side tables.


This feature wall is the first thing that you see upon entering the room, therefore we had to make it striking. Painted in a warm shade of mustard,
and adorned with a revamped old sideboard, lots of frames, plates and wall hanging surrounding the TV, this quirky boho Gallery Wall is an ideal setting to entertain company. We also added a custom designed tiffany pendant light in the corner to complete the wall with a vintage boho touch.


Since the wardrobe covered one full side of the bedroom, we saw a chance to play with pattern and texture to spruce up the surroundings without compromising on the functionality of the space. We chose this bold aztec pattern for the wardrobe that was screen printed on cork and sandwiched between the glass and the wardrobe. It made a beautiful statement in the room and gave the flat wardrobe wall a new dimension.



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The window wall, opposite the wardrobe wall, is a tranquil area of the space. To balance the various prints and textures in the bedroom, we chose understated curtains. These off white linen sheers with self floral patterns were paired with heavy plain rust curtains with a crochet lace trim, to ensure that we stick to the overall design language of the space.


Our client loves floral motifs and ethnic embroideries so we adorned the room with a lot of textiles in rugs, poufs, cushions and bedspreads.

Our client is a passionate follower of Frida Kahlo’s work and aesthetic and we ensured that the client’s muse was reflected in her space. Indeed, if Frida Kahlo were a space, she would take this form.

 Watch the LIVE room tour of this beautiful bright space that our founder hosted on Urban Company Homes's Instagram Live:

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