Hieco Wedding Stationary Product Shoot

Hieco is a visual art & design studio that creates invitations, stationery & gifts through expression of personal narratives that translate into timeless keepsakes. Attirail worked with the founder of Hieco: Simran Monga to showcase the intricacies of her festive and thoughtful designs. Read on to see how this match made in heaven created beautiful imagery!



"This wedding invitation is adorned with Kangra Paintings created by the bride's mother, Dr. Pramila Srivastava between 1982-2014. The stamp on the envelope was painted by her for the Indian Postal Service back in the day. This is not just an invitation, it is a beautiful tale of a daughter reminding her mother of her dreams and passions. " - Simran Monga

For this narrative set of hand painted imagery we chose to add visual cues of painting tools on a grey background to make the bright crimson pop. We added royal flowers like the rose and lotus to continue the art beyond paper.




"A fresh take on the traditional Indian wedding invites, the design of this floral invitation aligned beautifully with the decor of each event of Mrinali & Vinayak’s Konkan wedding. Embracing their roots, the design entails banana leaves adorned with delicate mogras (jasmine) & marigolds along with gold foil pressing."- Simran Monga

Weddings go synonymous with fresh fragrant blooms, we couldnt help but add to the beauty of these invites with golden marigolds and fragrant mogras complimented with warm wood and brass accents. We added a natural chattai texture to tie all our elements together naturally!




"A story of a Himachali girl meeting a Gujarati boy across continents in an unusual way - two perfectly different hearts, purposed to be one. Visually narrated by us for their wedding with a seamless union of Ikat borrowed from woolen Himachali caps and traditional marigolds from Gujarat. Bringing together the entire narrative with printed and foil pressed wedding invitations and stationery are stunning handwoven Patola silk potlis." - Simran Monga

When geometric lines meet organic prints, its a match like no other! Following the theme of Ikats and Marigolds, The delicious Indian sweet Kaju Katli embodied the spirit of traditional Ikat patterns across a distressed backdrop. Pops of pink and purple hues were complimented with bright marigolds on a warm wooden base adorned with almonds. 



" A contemporary take on some good old champa (magnolia) flowers. Complimented with beautiful shades of wine & mint, this design makes up for quite a distinct and elegant aesthetic! .
Also sharing our invitation envelopments - a fusion of the classic envelopes & folders combined into one! Super cool to save on some paper/costs & have the best of both prints." - Simran Monga

Wine & Mint are an unconventional couple yet the tones of magnolias and brass can marry them for life! We aided this merry match with a textured wood backdrop, traditional brass chambus and magnolias to embrace the floral motif and bring out the mint !




"Where high tea at the opulent Samode Palace, Jaipur shares a saucer with our favorite Parle-G from the chaiwala outside, where wine & cocktails clink at the desi theka, where the grand palatial patio greets the bandwala & where, among all the glory & heritage, there sits a pair of desi love birds on the Bagh’s marigold tree.
Here are some beautiful love letters to Samode Palace & the city of Jaipur, from a couple madly in love. Little did they know having their wrists stamped with S&A outside a nightclub in London a few years ago, would lead them on this beautiful journey of togetherness!" - Simran Monga

What says Jaipur more than beautiful arches and the sights of pretty pink bougainvilleas? We took the concept of palatial grandeur meets desi quirk with our inclusion of cutting chai elements in this beautiful set up on a muted distressed grey tile. With pinks on grey and chai with fruit, we definitely maxed out on elegant quirk!






"A Tamilian Bride (Harini) & a Christian-Greek-American Groom (Caleb), reached out to us with their heartwarming love story. In this beautiful inter-cultural wedding invite, our challenge was to make it reflective of both cultures with simplicity and elegance. We brought together mogra (jasmine flowers) along with rich gold of Kanchipuram sarees of Tamil Nadu from the bride, and borrowed intricate Greek motifs from the groom’s side, creating a seamless union of their cultures in the design. The colors of the invite included a spiced wine (chosen dearly by the bride herself) and mint, reflective of the wedding venue, an apple orchard." - Simran Monga

 The modern fusion of South India and Greek American cultures calls for elegant dull gold and ornate motifs made of mogras. A distressed frame adds focus to these artistic invites laid out on a wooden backdrop to bring texture and warmth.




" India’s first interactive game wedding invite that turns into a Ludo board, the bride’s favorite childhood game! Reminiscent of her beautiful childhood & times spent with family, this invite was one of the first stories told by Hieco back in 2016 and continues to live on in the hearts & homes of all the guests. Now while you take your time to soak this post in and reminisce yourself, we’ll be right back - it’s our turn to roll the die! " -Simran Monga

Love is a game of two and Hieco's Ludo wedding invite is here to score a six on the die! We brought marigold and champa motifs into the set up with fresh blooms while letting the invites take all the attention with a distressed paneled wooden backdrop. Swipe to watch a Stop Motion to see how the Ludo game invite works!

 These are a few of the many shoots we did with Hieco, watch this space as we update it with more of our work! If wedding invites and aesthetic images excite you as much as us then we're sure to see you here soon!