Industrial Bohemian Guest Room

Grunge. Raw. Uninhibited. Nonchalant. Harmonic
A musical aesthetic room that is beautifully unfinished. While the concrete texture exposed the space to grunge avatar, the quirky textiles adorn the raw surfaces in a Charming way.




This room was primarily meant for a chill-lounge-y scene. The cozy yet edgy couch and the bookcase with rustic wood and metal pipe details really bring out the industrial vibes of the space.

What icing is to cake, that’s what prints are to boho chic living. Here for this industrial room we added the bohemain vibe by adding these rich tribal textiles for the blinds, cushions etc. These funky patterned blinds are the first thing you see when you enter the room. - the eye catchy coating that makes the whole site irresistible.


This bare bone industrial boho look is actually rife with tiny details and perfect pops of bright cobalt blue.
This is our favourite section of the room. We DIYed these amazing scrabble frames showcasing our clients favourite music artists. When you have good taste you gotta a show it right?
This bright cobalt blue door is a salvaged fun, what a fun detail to add to your tv wall.

Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over.
Cherry lacquered liquor cabinet, leather layered poufs, Wooden flooring, exposed walls - the perfect setting to enjoy your favourite music in this industrial boho haven. Our favourite - The over sized lamp.

Watch this space unravel in a LIVE instagram room tour our founder hosted on Urban Company Homes: