Industrial Vintage Bohemian Passage and Bedrooms


Walkway to the heaven that is your bed

Oftentimes passages and entryways are forgotten spaces, but we know they are the trailer to the visual theatre we style our bedrooms as. Passageways are also transitional spaces that connect the different aesthetics of a house. With this tiny but impactful space we added these beautiful glass work pendants that add old-time charm, earthy Vintage tiles that add a strong visual pattern to liven up the space and statement making doors that are straight out of a fairytale book!


When it comes to decoding a style, we always make multiple moodboards so the client, their personality and the final design sync together harmoniously!

The true sense of Bohemia lies in being out of the box! Love Vintage but also Eclectic and are a flower child? You don't have to choose! The mere definition of the free-spirited bohemian is to incorporate different styles and making it yours! So for this project we combined all three styles to make it a Vintage Eclectic Bohemian paradise!

For this master bedroom we were going for a Vintage Bohemian vibe with a hint of Eclectic Bohemian! The pastel aged floral motifs were paired with dust rose panelling and an on-trend rattan headboard.

For materials and colours we chose muted pastels and rattan, only to break the monotony with a sticking bone-inlay pattern and brass accents.

Continue reading to see how we turned this moodboard into a reality!

Vintage Eclectic Bohemian bedroom of your dreams, a peek into one of our most recent Interior Projects, this master bedroom exudes the cozy comfort you seek after a long day with a muted pastel palette and stunning accent pieces like the bone inlay side tables, brass lamps and on-trend rattan headboard!
These essential details tie the room together in one cohesive and delightful visual.

If your home is your sanctuary let your bath be your spa, this is a place you start your mornings and end your nights in, continue to bring the essence of you behind these doors and you won't be disappointed. We paired the pastel Vintage mood of the master bedroom with an eclectic green cabinet and dust rose pink accents in the master bathroom.

If your home is your sanctuary let your bath be your spa, this is a place you start your mornings and end your nights in, continue to bring the essence of you behind these doors and you won't be disappointed


Spread the romanticism from your heart into your space, these stunning paneled wardrobe doors are a romantic touch to this  Vintage Eclectic Bohemian bedroom. The dust rose pink paired with brass handles exudes vintage romance and lets the paneling do the talking!



The Guest bedroom of this home was designed keeping in mind a dual-purpose of serving as a Media room. The TV wall is equipped with no-fuss shelving and minimal yet quirky bohemian décor to compliment the opposite wall


Style your paraphernalia in your space.  Taking our client's love for the Industrial Bohemian style we paired all the superhero collectibles with earthy bohemian prints and industrial accents like the concrete wall, piped shelving and an iron trunks a centre table. This space is a reflection of their personality and focuses on how we should surround ourself with our paraphernalia to bring us joy!


To bring in the eclectic bohemian aesthetic from the Master Bedroom we added this cool but muted Zebra print on the blinds that ties the whole space together and compliments the subtle wardrobe and eclectic tabletop décor from around the room.


With so many visual textures and elements on 3 walls we used the wardrobe as a visual break from the industrial eclectic elements. We used mix-matched laminates in warm grays to keep the wall interesting, swapped the hardware with some wood knobs and leather tabs and marble handles. By playing with the hardware we were able to bring back some fun to this wall without making the room chaotic.


The overall décor of this room is an overlap of not just the Industrial and Bohemian styles but also eclectic bohemian. We also added a few touches of pastel blue in the lamp and some art to tie in the living room colour palette and to break the earthy toned palette.

Minimal not boring! A Guest Bathroom is supposed to be clean, simple, easy to maintain and fabulous! So we paired diagonally tiled white subway tiles and paired it with this geometric statement tile on the floor! To break the white and black monotone we added a warm wood with stunning leather pull tabs to luxe-up the space!


If you’ve been confused about your own aesthetic or been struggling with finding a common ground visually with your family then contact us so we can strike a balance between all aesthetics and make sure your house is a cohesive paradisical home!

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