Mid Century Modern Bedroom



This bedroom is a take on the mid century modern aesthetic with some boho embellishments. The defining mid century features include arches, retro accents and an eclectic mix of geometric and boho patterns.

For the couple who inhabit this space, we seamlessly combined their love for mid century modern, retro and boho style to please both their individualistic palettes


To stay true to the mid century aesthetic, we ensured that the colour story of the space was aligned with retro sensibilities. The blues and mustards features here fit the bill to the tee. To balance the sharpness of these striking shades, we also added a soft tone of pale pink. Instead of flatly plastering the wall with all the hues, we set the shades of blue as the base of the bedroom and subsequently layered the other colours in the form of furnishings and adornments. This allowed the colours to stand out uniquely and add depth to the overall space. 

The headboard is upholstered with a blue plaid fabric and carries wood paneled extensions to retain the modern touch in this mid century look. The artworks above the headboard make a statement by themselves with their macrame strings and geometric appeal. Further enhancing the aesthetic are the charming side tables standing with aplomb on their retro-esque legs.



We chose to transform the wall opposite the bed into an enticing TV gallery wall. In line with the rest of the space, we wanted to stay true to the mid century modern aesthetic - we achieved this by adding in the quirky rug, by contrasting the ottoman and sofa chair, by filling the gallery wall with memories and keepsakes and by nestling the wooden bookshelf in the corner. These essential details tie the room together in one cohesive and delightful visual. 



When it comes to arches, our mantra is juxtapose, don’t impose! They are our favourite mid century architectural element and we always try to naturally introduce them in a space while highlighting them delicately. We accentuated this space by placing an arch between the bedroom and the wardrobe to create a cozy nook. To complement the natural curve of the arch, curtains were added in for a fluid effect. Since arches are the perfect way to frame a view, we adorned the wardrobes in the backdrop with a Shibori wallpaper, crafted by Nilaya Asian Paints, thereby seamlessly bringing together the silhouettes, shapes and shades.

Similar geometric patterns such as chevrons, plaid and stripes brought us a lot closer to achieving a retro aesthetic for the space. The touch of ethnic geometric motifs like ikats, shibori and tribal prints resonate with the classic Indian cultural energy and inject a certain unmissable joie-de-vivre in the surroundings.  

This is an homage to the mid century style. We hope this haven of sophistication inspires you to create an artistically elevated space, with Attirail.

Watch this mid century haven in our room tour hosted by our founder on Urban Company Home's Instagram Live: