Modern Art Deco Kitchen

There’s no need to compromise on aesthetics when it comes to styling your kitchen - it can be functional and chic at the same time.


Check out this stellar combination where we paired pastel toned herringbone backsplash tiles and a terrazzo countertop. They come together in perfect harmony. It’s a space saving styling solution that it is waiting to adorn your home!


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A fetching kitchen is a must have. It’s craftiness will awaken yours, and inspire you to whip up scrumptious meals on a whimsy! Or maybe cooking is not your cup of tea, but doesn’t hurt to have a pretty little kitchen in your house, right? There are plenty functional cosmetic changes that can add just the right amount of spice and flavour your home perfectly


The classic herringbone pattern is a design staple and using it in the kitchen has its benefits. It serves as a no frills decorative element and also safeguards the wall from food stains and spills.

Not enough space to decorate your kitchen with quirky stuff you see online? Try playing around with colours instead! We layered the space with shades of blue and paired the pastel powder blue with a blush pink accompanied with terracotta grout. To add a touch of luxe, dull gold handles were added!  As you can see, it’s Instagram worthy and deftly glamorous. Want to sample some similar looks in your space? Contact us!