Vintage Scandinavian Bohemian Living, Dining & Kitchen

We sew the tale of two, with a load of paint and a lot to do. Our muse couple hustle and bustle, one an actor, another a pilot. This passionate duo dreamt of a home to unwind, a home that took them back to their travels to Bali, Greece, Kashmir and happy memories twined.

So we sew a string through each piece of memorabilia to narrate their stories, every wall ornate with treasured paraphernalia of travel, to make their space a sanctuary and a visual novel of their memories!

Bringing love and light into this space we meticulously planned the look to suit the aesthetic of both our clients, a nice middle ground between Vintage Bohemian and Scandinavian Bohemian.

The space was envisioned to encapsulate their travels, love for souvenirs and be a visual diary of their life and journey! Adding simple but accent vintage touches like antique plates on the wall, blue pottery vases and decor in a strongly Scandinavian visual landscape. We added hints of their paraphernalia to make this house a home 


We could not have a Vintage Bohemian home without an ode to the aesthetic decades of the past. This tiny detail visually invites every guest for a home that is articulately built to be a visual treat! Though not operational, this letter detail paired with the deco styled handle and cane pendant light bring in so much character to a space a lot of people forget: the entryway!


This paradisiacal living room is a mix of Vintage and Scandinavian Bohemian. The client's request of adding sheer white curtains adds this sense of romance to this space that blackout blinds would never bring! We love when a client’s input totally transforms the space!

We love a house that has memories adorned in every nook and corner and we absolutely love the challenge of incorporating these memorabilia in a space and making them pop!

Here we embraced the sunshine with sheer curtains and tonal textured cushions and of course a touch of Rattan on the cabinet doors to be on trend! We accentuated the wall with some Balinese art to add the worldly personality our clients embody


Here in this nook by the window we created a cozy lounging space, with additional seating attached to the window, here is where we assume a perfect cup of coffee on a rainy day would make memories!

With tonal blues paired with wood and whites we ensured all the travel paraphernalia was styled well to add a touch of bohemian to the space.

Details are everything for us so we incorporated these “ittar bottle” hanging pendant lights in an asymmetric way to add to the old world charm the souvenirs and collectibles were resonating



We designed this Scandinavian Bohemian visual treat for a living room by using the existing furniture and re-vamping it with new pale blue upholstery, to add the hints of Bohemian we paired some mix matched cushion with loads of prints and textures. The highlight of the room has to be the snow-capped mountains wall art, an ode to their annual ski trips


This living and dining area we designed and styled is an Instagram worthy space that resonates with the personalities of those who inhibit it. Full of vintage charm paired with the minimalism of the Scandinavian aesthetic, this home embodies their wandering spirit and love for travel!

To create this beautiful entryway for the passage, we incorporated sabai grass baskets from paired with @thread101official wall decor and antique china plates from Chor Bazaar! Together this haven of bohemian decor accentuated the custom-made door that ties in the Vintage Bohemian aspect of the space!

We used the extended living room space to turn it into a dining area. It's a common notion that seating 6 on a dining table is the only way, but we spruced things up with 2 chairs and a 3-in-1 bench! It remarkably saves space, reduces visual bulk and creates a minimal functional space!

We added interesting upholstery to the chairs and paired it with some rattan backing to be on trend. We also used an interesting carved wooden frame to create an accent wall with a travel souvenir!

This dining space though small has a lot of function and is perfect for a Mumbai apartment with on-the-go residents!

With the kitchen being the heart of the home and the highlight of quarantined baking sessions, we couldn't help but make this space as beautiful and bohemian as possible!

With pastel cabinets and accents of gold like the handles and taps, this kitchen is simple and minimal with hints of bohemian, featuring the vintage printed tiles, printed planters and some low maintenance plants. A subtle backsplash paired with subtle cabinets are given a luxe spin with the touch of antique gold.

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